At this year’s IBM Connect Conference in San Francisco IBM revealed new information about the future of Domino. They emphasized that Domino will receive further development and updates and also further investment by IBM.

“We know from conversations with our clients and partners how many customers rely on Domino to deliver key business process and situational applications”

Ed Brill, IBM

Beside the vision IBM also presented solutions for current problems. One of those for sure was the modernization of Notes / Domino applications.

In this context aveedo was highlighted and recommended as one of the top 3 solutions for this challenge. Among the 3 recommended solutions, aveedo is the only one with an automated UI transformation, while still providing for full flexibility with regards to custom UI and API requirements.

Below you can find the keynote slides from Ed Brill:

You can find the partner recommendations on Slide 29.

Links with further information: