Aveedo version 6.5 was recently released. During the update, many features have been revised and some new ones have been added. Below is an overview of the most important changes and new features.

New design element for document layouts: Smart Content

In a Smart Content, the layout can be freely defined with content via HTML and placeholders. You are not limited to ready-made panels and tables.

Better rendering of tables in DOCX export

Line height and margins are now displayed correctly.

Info icons and badges for views in Aveedo Designer

Icons now show some characteristics of columns and views.

Extended logging for maintenance task

The Maintenance Task now logs details during execution.

Support of mail addresses with comma

Recipient addresses can now also contain commas. Correct mail address is filtered out.

New version of the Richtext v2 editor

The internal RT editor has been upgraded to the current version.

Document actions right-aligned

Actions in documents can now also be right-aligned in the menu

Document preview directly in view

A preview can now be activated for a view, so that documents open in the same view and not in a new tab.

Swap quick search and full text search in view

The default quick search can be exchanged for the full text search.

Resetting the search result in a view

A search filtered for a search result can now be easily reset by a button.

API function for determining dependent documents

There is now an API function (getDocumentsRelatedTo) to get the dependent (via object relation) documents for a document (example: company => locations).

Delete function can execute script (queryDelete)

A script can now be defined for deleting a document, which is always executed after the deletion. For example, dependent documents can be automatically deleted as well. queryDelete is defined in the object and must be activated in the layout.

Workflow API function to determine the last editor

There is now a Workflow API function which displays the last agent of a workflow. The last agent is now also displayed in the workflow details.

Workflow API function to display the workflow nodes Description

There is now a Workflow API function to display the description of the current workflow node.

We would be pleased to show you the new and improved functions in a personal live demo. We look forward to hearing from you!