Recently, the Aveedo version 6.4 was released. As part of the update many features have been revised and some new ones have been added. Below is an overview of the most important changes and innovations.

Breaking change: Workflow – notification to ‘Processor’ as new option in notifications

The selected ‘Processor’ can now be notified via the standard notification. The global option in the workflow is omitted!

Workflow – Close window

For a node, you can now specify that the browser tab will be closed when the node is reached.

Workflow – Conditions for Notifications

Notifications can now be linked to conditions via Javascript.

Workflow – Display of details in Off-Canvas

All workflow details (current processor, history, current node, …) can now be displayed in an off-canvas overlay.

Workflow – selection of the ‘current processor’ with additional options

For the ‘current processor’ you can now specify whether only the processor or all defined authors should be authorized. Additionally there is now an API function to display the current processor.

Workflow – Cancel in message dialog box

The message dialog box now offers a cancel function.

Workflow – Status Values for Nodes

Each workflow node can now be assigned a status (text value and number).

Workflow – Message History

For a workflow, you can now specify whether messages from nodes are saved in a history.

Workflow – Workflow actions at the bottom of the layout

Workflow actions are now also displayed at the end of a layout in the lower right corner.

Workflow – Restriction on display of actions

Workflow actions can now only be displayed for a specified group of authors.

Workflow – execution of options after auto-processing nodes

The options for ‘Ask for comment’ and ‘Select Processor’ are now also executed after an ‘auto-processing’ node.

Legacy Calendar

Reactivation of the calendar from previous versions on customer’s request.

Calendar Option for All Day Events

For all-day events, you can now specify how many should be displayed in the calendar per day.

Opening Views with Favorite Filters

Views are now always opened according to the last set filter. The favorites filter remains set and does not have to be reset each time it is opened.

Computed Text can be used as Panel Header

With a new option a computed text can now be used as an additional header in a panel.

Original field after panel refresh

After Panel Refresh the cursor jumps back to the field that was clicked before the refresh.

Automatic resize of images in Richtext v2 field

Images pasted from the clipboard can now be resized automatically (Max-Height / Max-Width).

Row actions (context actions) not in delete views

Row actions are no longer displayed in delete views.

Display access list for databases

Via the menu you can now display the access list of the database in which the documents are stored in a dialog.

With the Aveedo version 6.4 we introduce a new license model. Aveedo is now avaiable as Community and Enterprise Edition. You can find more information here. If you are already an Aveedo customer, please contact your contact person at We4IT GmbH.

We would be happy to show you the new and revised functions in a personal live demo. We look forward to hearing from you!