Not only, but especially in the financial environment, compliance with security rules and legal requirements by software plays an important role. For this reason, the Business Application Platform Aveedo has undergone an approval process in accordance with “Proper Maintenance and Inspection of Data Processing” (OPDV) and has been approved by arxes-tolina GmbH.


The OPDV approvasl specifies the requirements for a proper program deployment process for banking-related and accounting-related software. The approval procedure is based on the IDW test standard PS 880 for the testing of software products as well as on DIN ISO / IEC 25000 “Software Engineering – Systems and Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE)”.

Due to the program features, its technical basis and the support services offered by the manufacturer, we believe that a secure operation of the program by the Sparkasse can be guaranteed.

Quotation from the examination result of arxes-tolina GmbH

We4IT GmbH is proud that Aveedo lives up to the extremely high quality and security standards of the financial services industry and looks forward to future projects.